Why Berkeley Haas

Master of Financial Engineering Program

The Berkeley MFE Difference

Your entire Berkeley MFE experience is designed to give you the knowledge, experience, and connections you'll need to immediately launch a successful career in financial engineering.

The Berkeley MFE Program at the Haas School of Business provides a depth of study in finance that is not available in traditional MBA programs, reaching beyond basic business concepts to teach you how to combine modern portfolio theory with computational methods. It also provides many opportunities to learn firsthand how to apply these theories and methods to real-world situations. You will also benefit from the quality of students, breadth of activities, and network of impressive alumni contacts inherent to a top-ranked business school and a world-class university.

An Unparalleled Career Advantage

The Berkeley MFE Program has a proven track record of successfully launching careers in the world's top financial centers.

  • Benefit from highly personalized career services provided by a program team with the connections, reputation, and knowledge necessary to help secure top jobs at the most selective firms.
  • See immediate return on investment: Berkeley MFE graduates received job offers in each of the previous four years at the highest average starting salary of any similar program.

Top employers continue to seek out Berkeley MFE graduates who understand complex financial strategies, possess financial modeling ability, and demonstrate computational proficiency. Berkeley MFE graduates have a successful track record of applying the knowledge gained in the program to launch new careers as quantitative finance experts at leading banking institutions, insurance companies, money management firms, hedge funds, treasury departments, diversified financial services companies, asset management firms, and equity/venture capital firms, as well as other non-financial corporations.

The MFE may also be seen as an attractive alternative to a doctoral program in finance for individuals interested in commercial rather than academic careers.

A Rigorous Curriculum

Developed by a world-class business school, the program's rigorous one-year curriculum challenges you to think of innovative ways to integrate quantitative methods with the theoretical framework and institutional settings in which they are applied. Taught by a renowned faculty comprised of prominent scholars and industry luminaries, MFE courses are anchored in cutting-edge research and best practices in financial engineering.

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the underlying frameworks of financial markets, and benefit from a rigorous application-oriented curriculum that prepares you to work as a financial engineer after graduation, starting on day one.
  • Experience firsthand the ideas and practices shaping the financial engineering industry during an intense 12-week internship at a major firm. Scheduled midway through the program, your internship provides the opportunity to apply what you have learned in the classroom to real-world situations.

A Diverse, Talented Community

The Berkeley MFE Program has a history of attracting exceptionally talented and innovative students who have high levels of intellectual curiosity, strong interests in finance, and strong analytical skills. Immerse yourself in an intellectually stimulating environment where you not only learn from faculty comprised of some of the best minds in finance, but also from your fellow classmates who represent a wide range of interesting backgrounds and experiences.
With only 60 students per class, you benefit from the bonds formed with your diverse, tight-knit community of peers. And as a member of the vast Haas Alumni Network, you will have lifelong access to a wealth of career resources, online communities, and local alumni chapters and clubs.