Emmanuel Vallod

Emmanuel Vallod
MFE 11

Full time:
Fixed Income Quantitative Strategies
San Francisco, California

RBC Capital Market
New York, New York

Previous degrees:
M.S., Applied Mathematics
Ecole Centrale Lyon, Lyon, France

"Studying for an MFE allows me to leverage my technical skills while gaining an intuitive sense and understanding of the financial markets."

"The Berkeley MFE curriculum challenges you to keep an open mind so you can think differently and adapt to new information and situations."

"Our class assignments remind us that we are not just scholarly automatons with a deadline to meet. Instead, we are expected to think for ourselves, to create and to innovate."

"I'm impressed with the level of teaching, especially in subjects that are not easy to explain. Professor Domingo Tavella succeeded in making Advanced Computational Methods, a real hard-core quant class, very clear and manageable. It still took a lot of work, but his rigorous approach helped me understand these complex concepts."

"Econometrics is a special interest of mine and Professor Rossen Valkanov was very helpful. As one of my research advisors during the third term he offered great insights into the type of applied research that can be used to move the financial industry forward."

"I started my internship totally confident in the skills I learned at Haas. I was able to get right to work and contribute. I use the principles and processes I learned at Haas every day."

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