Ian Swanson

Ian Swanson
MFE 10

Full time:
Director, Investments
First Quadrant
Pasadena, California

New York, New York

Previous degrees:
BS, Physics
College of William & Mary, Virginia

PhD, Physics
California Institute of Technology

"I want to do work where I can think deeply about complicated problems. Working in finance with an MFE from Haas will set me up to accomplish that goal."

"The Haas curriculum exposes you to such a broad range of topics that, no matter what the subject, you always know where to start in a research or trading problem, and what steps to take next. Coming out of this program you can hit the ground running."

"It was important to me that Haas offers the opportunity to conduct academic research. As an example, I worked with Marian Micu, who works at Blackrock, on an independent study project that examined certain effects of macro-announcements on exchange rates."

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