Chase Slater

Chase Slater
MFE 11

Full time:
Trading Associate
Chopper Trading

Spot Trading, LLC
Chicago, Illinois

Previous degrees:
B.S., Mechanical Engineering
Oklahoma State University

"The fast pace of the MFE curriculum mimics the fast pace of the workplace. It may even be faster than the workplace. In my internship, I realized just how much our team projects in class are like the team work we do on the job."

"The ideas people come up with for their class projects are very innovative. For example, in Professor Domingo Tavella's class, I worked on an option on the 3-2-1 spread, which is common in the energy industry. It's basically a play on the spread refiners make when they've taken oil and sold its products."

"Tavella's class is known to be one of the hardest in the curriculum. He demands a lot of work and a lot of research. The best part of Professor Tavella's classes in Quantitative Methods and Advanced Computational Methods is that you are actually doing the work, not just talking about it. For example, I knew about finite differences, but not how to do them. Now I can."

"The fact that the Berkeley MFE program posts its placement record on its website impressed me. The other MFE programs aren't as open about that. Since I didn't know anything about the job market in the industry that was important information for me to have."

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