Master of Financial Engineering Program


Ritesh Sinha

Ritesh Sinha
MFE 13

Full time:
Quantitative Researcher
Sun Trading, LLC
Chicago, Illinois

Previous degrees:
BS, Computer Science, IIT Bombay, India

MS, Computer Science, IIT Bombay, India

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"To me Student Always means that there is always so much to learn. The courses, instructors and the peer group showed me how limited was my perspective of this dynamic field. The methods that we are learning today, are probably good enough for solving the problems that we are facing today. But the problems in the industry keep changing, and so should our solutions. Being creative, innovative and open to new ideas is a must for success in this field. I feel this program was just a humble beginning of my learning experience."

"The program had a significant emphasis on encouraging students to think beyond our immediate goals. Professor John O'Brien's course on Financial Innovation specifically focused on the problems that we are facing right now and how can we creatively solve them through financial engineering."

"I received an internship offer just two months after starting the program. Of all the MFE programs in the world, the Berkeley MFE had the most balanced program curriculum. No other similar program is as focused as the Berkeley MFE. The affordable fee structure and excellent placement statistics took the pressure off the student to a significant level."

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