Alexey Orlovsky

Alexey Orlovsky
MFE 10

Full time:
Assistant VP
Fixed Income
Barclays Capital
Tokyo, Japan

Deutsche Bank
San Francisco, California

Previous degrees:
BA, MS, Applied Mathematics
Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Russia

Santa Clara University, California

"The Haas MFE has a well-deserved reputation for placing students in jobs. They really take care of the students, both in internship placements and after graduation."

"The MFE is like being in boot camp. You are tested and you forge very strong relationships. The diverse student community, coming from so many different backgrounds and countries is a real advantage. After all, we are going into one of the most global occupations around."

"Professor Michael Melvin's class in Equity and Currency Markets was one of the most professional and best-organized classes I have ever taken, anywhere."

"The project I worked on in my Deutsche Bank internship dealt with the same topic that I had just studied in one of my Haas classes — pension fund asset allocation decisions. It felt good to put that learning to work right away."

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