Master of Financial Engineering Program


Ian Nandi

Ian Nandi
MFE 13

Full time:
Quant Researcher
Baltimore, Maryland

Previous degree:
BS, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Cornell University

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"I decided to pursue a Berkeley MFE degree because I wanted to obtain industry connections as well as quantitative knowledge and hard technical skills-all of which are needed to pursue a career in derivatives trading."

"To get us ready for internship interviews, the MFE program office put us through "boot camp" style interview preparation, which allowed us to maximize the interviewing opportunities we had with various companies. Had it not been for all the preparation and practice, I don't think I would have landed my internship. "

"Professor Mark Rubinstein once said to my class, 'Feel free to question anything I say.' Our professors had a voracious thirst to debate, and students from diverse backgrounds were constantly challenging each other. The Berkeley MFE Program was the quintessence of a Socratic learning environment for quantitative finance."

"One of my interviewers asked me if I had any doubts about my career choices. My answer was, 'Of course, everyone has doubts. Hubris can be extremely dangerous, but I will do whatever it takes'. I find that Confidence Without Attitude means persevering under strenuous conditions while still being a team player and developing strong relationships; understanding that the accomplishments we make individually pale in comparison to those we make as a team."

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