Jianran Li

Jianran Li
MFE 10

Full time:
Associate, Fixed Income, Commodity and Currencies
Goldman Sachs
New York, New York

Credit Suisse
New York, New York

Previous degrees:
BS, MS, Computer Science
National University of Singapore

MS, Computer Science/Applied Math
École Polytechnique, Paris, France

"Haas gives you the amazing opportunity to learn about financial theories from their authors. Professor Rubinstein gave real meaning to the mathematical equations in our Financial Derivatives class. It wasn't just about the numbers; he taught us the concepts and stories behind the numbers."

"There were physicists, chemists, economists among my classmates. Our team projects brought together people with different backgrounds and ways of working. We almost always ended up with a well-rounded mix of people who were detail-oriented—like me—and those who saw the bigger picture."

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