Victor Kong

Victor Kong
MFE 13

Commodity Strategist,
Goldman Sachs,

“Among the job offers I received, it was easy to gauge that the Berkeley MFE stood out for its established reputation on Wall Street, its perfect mix of student profiles and an unparalleled career service headed by the executive director who brings to the table thousands of close contacts.”

“The Berkeley MFE curriculum easily unleashes anyone’s curiosity and potential in the quantitative finance. It certainly did it for me. The curriculum in one term was based on the prior term, making the MFE program “path dependent”. There was no overlap, pure learning from day one to the last day and beyond.”

“The professors in the Berkeley MFE Program were outstanding, and they worked together to generate a myriad of synergies across courses. If I were to choose the Berkeley MFE “Hall of Fame”, Professor Stanton would be right up there. Who wouldn’t enjoy his “Fixed Income Markets” course which possessed the combination of his articulate Australian accent, precisely-phrased slides and state-of-the-art assignments?”

“The Berkeley Haas student community was highly collaborative, dynamic and tireless; unlike some great student communities, the Haas student community was more low-key, pragmatic, and highly creative.”

“A great number of theories and models that we learn here were developed after we were born, and the current new models will probably become old models before long. It is an evolution and we, in the Berkeley MFE, learned how to seek the fittest model for a specific situation. Berkeley has been playing a big part in the evolution of the models for a long time.”

“The intensive one-year MFE program pushed the envelope of our potential to the next level. Looking back, we thrived and learned that all things are difficult before they are easy!”

“There is a fine line between confidence and arrogance. From the way that the faculty taught to the examples that the alumni set, Berkeley Haas did a great job to make sure the students were on the right path. Humility was a quality the MFE Program Office had, and they simply did not accept arrogance. We humbly learn that very fast!”

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