Master of Financial Engineering Program


Yutong Chen

Yutong Chen
MFE 13

Full Time:
San Francisco, California

Previous degree:
BS, Statistics and Finance, University of Hong Kong

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"I joined the Berkeley MFE program to gain what I need to know to be successful in today's financial industry. To excel in the current market, one needs solid training in quantitative methods and a deep knowledge of the industry, which was what the Berkeley MFE offered. "

"It was fascinating to share ideas and cooperate with classmates who had quite different perspectives. My team last term had five members from five different countries, and I really enjoyed the process of solving problems and building connections together. "

"To me, Confidence Without Attitude means that when I face a problem I feel confident I can solve, I do so without assuming that only my method is correct. We learned this attitude by example, because it was expressed daily by the faculty at Haas. "

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