Master of Financial Engineering Program


Piero Branella

Piero Branella
MFE 11

Full time:
Trader Associate
Cutler Group
San Francisco, California

BNP Paribas
New York, New York

Previous degrees:
B.S., Mechanical Engineering
University of L'Aquila, L'Aquila, Italy

M.S. Energy Engineering
University of L'Aquila, College of Engineering, L'Aquila, Italy

M.S., Energy and Environmental Management and Economics
Scuola Enrico Mattei, Eni Corporate University
San Donato Milanese, Italy

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"At Berkeley the professors teach you both the intuition and the math you need to do well in finance. Even just a few days into my internship, it was obvious that my Berkeley classes had prepared me well, and I was ready to contribute from the start."

"The professors taught me deep and revealing insights into why things are done the way they are, not just the mathematical formulas behind the models. They helped me understand where to focus and not to get mired in the details."

"We had an event in June where a practitioner gave his view on a subject. The next week in class, one of our professors told us why he disagreed with the speaker. I appreciate being able to get multiple points of view here at Haas."

"Not coming from a financial background, I found Professor Mark Rubinstein's class in the Fundamentals of Investment very useful. He knows the subject matter so well that he could put a different spin on even the most basic concepts."

"Innovation is embedded in the Haas spirit. You see that in the constant expectation for creativity. The professors are never satisfied with the usual answers. They drive and motivate us to find new solutions."

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