Master of Financial Engineering Program


Benjamin Cooper

Benjamin Cooper

MBA15 Benjamin Cooper on taking MFE Electives during his MBA studies:

"At Haas, we are extremely fortunate to have two fantastic programs like the MBA and MFE programs in the same business school. I personally view them as complementary programs, each providing distinct and applicable skills for the aspiring finance professional. I was able to combine MFE classes with my MBA curriculum which proved to be an incredibly powerful combination. The MFE program strikes a careful balance between academic rigor and market pragmatism. This is reflected in the diversity of backgrounds of the MFE lecturers and it enriches the student experience to no end. Owing to the MFE program, my quantitative skills came on leaps and bounds over a period of twelve months. Further, it directly impacted the depth and quality of my research analysis during my internship at Wellington Management last summer and which turned into a full time offer."

About Benjamin Cooper, MBA15:

"I started my career in 2004 and have held roles in risk management (Barclays Investment Bank), hedge fund research (Barclays Wealth) and portfolio management (Lord North Street, a European multi-family office). In my most recent pre-MBA position, I co-managed $1bn in multi-asset portfolios for institutions and wealthy families at Lord North Street. I am a CFA charterholder. After starting my MBA studies at Haas, I was encouraged by the MFE Office to take some MFE courses, an opportunity available to MBA students, and certainly one I was not going to refuse. I completed an internship at Wellington Management in the summer of 2014; I had a fantastic experience in the Asset Allocation Strategies Group and was charged with researching niche, out of favor segments of the non-US fixed income market. This included developing a complex pricing model for a contingent coupon security. I have now completed my MBA studies and I am currently working full time at Wellington Management."