Ali Afsari

Ali Afsari
MFE 13

Societe Generale
New York, New York

Previous degree:
BS, Computer Engineering, University of Waterloo
Ontario, Canada

“The Berkeley MFE was the perfect choice for me, not only because of the amazing reputation of the program, but also because the internship was an integral part of the curriculum.”

“I came into the program with high expectations of what I wanted to learn, and my experience has exceeded those expectations. I feel well-equipped to be successful in a wide range of roles in the finance industry and beyond. ”

“The MFE student community was quite tight-knit. Due to the amount of time we had to spend together working on projects and assignments, many of us have formed strong bonds in a very short period of time.”

“For me, Questioning the Status Quo means daring to stand out and striving to be innovative. Berkeley Haas has a history of innovators who either founded companies that changed the world or are running them successfully today. I think this culture is ingrained in the DNA of Berkeley—and of Haas specifically—and you definitely see the professors encouraging this behavior.”

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