Master of Financial Engineering Program

Citigroup Interns

Berkeley MFE Culture

As a student in the Berkeley MFE program, you join a small, tight-knit community of peers. Teamwork and collaboration is a staple of the program, and with only about 68 students in each entering class, you will form close bonds with your fellow classmates as you work together on class projects and activities.

Confidence Without Attitude

You will also benefit from the larger Haas School community, which is distinguished by a unique and engaged student population that is actively involved in planning world-class events, conferences, and networking functions. While Haas students represent a broad spectrum of programs, backgrounds, and experiences, they all possess the Confidence Without Attitude that Berkeley graduates are known for.

A Wealth of Diversity

Resourceful, intelligent, energetic, and, above all, highly motivated: all of these are hallmarks of Berkeley MFE students. Many students have already achieved significant success in their careers, as well as in their prior academic lives-over half have already earned post-graduate and doctoral degrees in other, related areas of expertise. Most MFE students will have backgrounds in quantitative disciplines upon entering the program.

Because they are diverse and unique as individuals, Berkeley MFE students contribute to the wealth of their classmates' experience while in school, and add great value to one another as fellow alumni in future endeavors around the world. The relatively small size of the MFE Program permits students to get to know most members of their class - strong connections develop between faculty and students, and among students.

A Close-Knit Peer Network

As a complement to their coursework, students also have the opportunity to get involved in clubs and extracurricular activities. The student-run Financial Engineering Student Association (FESA) represents student interests to the MFE and Haas administrations and plans coordinates events specifically tailored to MFE program students. In the past, FESA has sponsored activities as diverse as barbecues, bowling, karaoke, dinners, bar nights, and trips to local attractions such as Napa Valley and Lake Tahoe. Many of the events allow students to bring their families.

Coming to Berkeley Haas means joining the vibrant, thriving community of a top-10 business school at a premier university. From networking mixers to annual conferences, guest speakers to school-wide events, there's always something happening at Haas. And, as a member of our highly active student community, you will have the opportunity to not only attend these stimulating and exciting activities, but also to participate in creating and planning them.