Mikael Rapaport

Mikael Rapaport
MFE 07

Founder and CEO
New York

Previous position:
Cantor Fitzgerald, Bear Stearns
Structured Credit Derivatives
New York, NY

The Financial Engineering program prepared me exceptionally well for the quantitative challenges I faced on Wall Street. In working among talented people from other top schools who were as equally motivated to succeed, I always felt that my academic training put me on firm ground to compete and win.

I have now come to realize that Haas’ commitment to building innovative professionals is perhaps an even greater benefit to the program. Peerform sits squarely among a small group of companies that is rethinking how personal loans are originated and distributed It’s an exciting field, but there is no textbook that can provide me with the answers I need. The training I received and the network of personal relationships I built at Haas have been greatly helpful to me in addressing many challenging situations."

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