Master of Financial Engineering Program


Ryan Cullen

Ryan Cullen

Vice President
Equity Derivatives Trading
Bank of America Merrill Lynch
New York, NY

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"The Berkeley MFE program is extremely focused. Every course in the curriculum is linked to finance."

"I appreciate the practical approach of the courses. They are directed at the marketplace, at preparing us to work in the finance industry. That is the result of being in a business school instead of a math department."

"Our professors make sure we have a good mix of individual work and team projects—just like you would have in the real world. They do a great job of bringing the current markets into the classroom. They make it easy to figure out the most relevant information, to understand where the models break down and how that is reflected in market conditions."

"Within 30 minutes of entering the bank on my first day of my internship, I was working on an option pricing model, applying techniques from Professor Tavella's Quant Methods course. And learning from professors like Mark Rubinstein, you get firsthand insights into what the environment was like when he created the binomial option pricing model."

"I see innovation reflected in the Berkeley MFE program every time the program adjusts to keep up with changes in the industry. For example, we now have two classes in credit risk, because it is more important today's market."

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