Master of Financial Engineering Program


Rajat Goyal

Rajat Goyal

Algorithmic Indices Quant at Morgan Stanley
New York, NY

Previous degree:
MTech, Mathematics & Computing
Indian Institute of Technology
New Delhi, India

Job prior to Haas:
Quantitative Researcher
WorldQuant, LLC
Mumbai, India

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Projects undertaken by Berkeley MFE students are "team driven" according to Rajat Goyal. Students choose and define their problems and have the freedom to design their own solutions. This not only tests their skills, it gives them something to talk about in job interviews.

 "The Berkeley MFE program helped me develop extremely strong quantitative skills relevant to financial engineering. What makes the program truly unique is its business school location, three-month fall internship, and unparalleled placement record."

 "I'm looking forward to my internship with Morgan Stanley in New York City. It will be my first opportunity to work on modeling with an equity derivatives pricing team. The well-structured MFE curriculum gave me lots of theoretical and practical fundamentals. I also learned how to concentrate and work well under pressure."

"The short length of the Berkeley MFE program is a challenge. Everything is condensed and fast-paced, but on the other hand, there is much less opportunity cost."

"I appreciate the mix of academic and practical instruction. Being part of the Haas School of Business means that we are able to keep the finance industry at the front of our thinking."

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