Master of Financial Engineering Program


Mikael Rapaport

Mikael Rapaport

SVP of Lending Markets, Strategic Financial Solutions
New York, NY

Former Position:
Founder and CEO
New York, NY

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"The Financial Engineering program prepared me exceptionally well for the quantitative challenges I faced on Wall Street. In working among talented people from other top schools who were as equally motivated to succeed, I always felt that my academic training put me on firm ground to compete and win."

"I have now come to realize that Haas' commitment to building innovative professionals is perhaps an even greater benefit to the program. Peerform sits squarely among a small group of companies that is rethinking how personal loans are originated and distributed It's an exciting field, but there is no textbook that can provide me with the answers I need. The training I received and the network of personal relationships I built at Haas have been greatly helpful to me in addressing many challenging situations."

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