Master of Financial Engineering Program


Leonor Chabannes

Leonor Chabannes

Full-Time Position:
Morgan Stanley, New York, NY

Morgan Stanley, New York City, New York

Previous degree:
MS, Finance, Statistics, Economics, ENSAE ParisTech, Paris, France (Expected 2015)
MP, Mathematics, Physics, Engineering, Lycée Charlemagne, Paris, France

Job prior to Haas:
Equity Derivatives Structuring, HSBC, Paris, France

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"The Berkeley MFE helped me gain a more practical understanding of the financial markets, while being surrounded by diverse people with exceptional quantitative skills and financial knowledge."

"The curriculum is comprehensive and consistent: one class builds on what we learned previously, often from a slightly different perspective. It's fascinating to see how all the pieces of instruction we receive ultimately line up together in such a coherent fashion.

"The professors are not only impressive, they are accessible and easy to talk with."

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