Master of Financial Engineering Program


Charu Arora

Charu Arora
MFE 14

Morgan Stanley
New York, New York

Morgan Stanley
New York City, New York

Previous degrees:
BS and MS, Mathematics & Computing
Indian Institute of Technology
Delhi, India

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Charu Arora has a lot in common with her classmates: intelligence, motivation, and a passion for finance. But she shares even more with one classmate, her husband. "It's exciting to be learning the same things together. We have similar backgrounds and the same career aspirations."

"The faculty focuses on teaching you how to Question the Status Quo, which is an integral part of how I learn. Working with students from various parts of the globe has made the experience even more enriching."

"I wrote my master's thesis on a quant topic and worked in the finance industry for a few years. Neither gave me the exposure to the broad range of asset classes I have gained in my Berkeley MFE studies. My quant skills are now polished and much more comprehensive."

"Being taught by practitioners adds a real-world point-of-view. They can give us insights into the markets and share their experiences of how the theories play out in practice."

"I have been impressed by how generous Berkeley MFE alumni, especially those who serve as Graduate Student Instructors, are with their time and their insights. I have gotten valuable advice from them."

"My favorite class was Stochastic Calculus, taught by Professor Johan Walden. I thought I would never be able to decipher it, but he presented the subject in such a well-structured way that it was easy to follow. It would have taken me at least two years to read what Professor Walden covered in two months."

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