Jacques Burrus

Jacques Burrus
MFE 09

Associate Financial Engineer
Santiago, Chile

BNP Paribas
New York

Previous degree:
B Engineering
Ecole Polytechinque
Paris, France

"Not everyone wants to be a trader or a hedge fund manager. The Haas program gives you a well-rounded preparation to pursue your own career objectives. Some MFE programs turn out students who are just super-computers. Haas teaches you all aspects of the industry. You leave feeling that you can talk to anyone who works in any facet of the industry."

"The small size of the program is an advantage. This isn't a factory. We are individuals with different perspectives, skills and goals. While we all learn the same things, we use the knowledge in different ways."

"The program office works tirelessly to give us a direct line to internship opportunities. You feel that you aren't lost in the crowd; you matter as an individual. And if you want to get a job after your MFE, there is no better program than Haas. The statistics alone tell you that."

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