Master of Financial Engineering Program

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Full-Time Employment & Internship Statistics Class of 2009

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Full-time Statistics Internship Statistics
    • Total Students Placed: 64
    • % of Students Placed: 100%
    • Total Offers: 84
    • Total Students With Offers: 64
    • % of Students With Offers: 100%

    • Average First Year Compensation: $128,408
    • Median First Year Compensation: $93,000

    • Average First Year Bonus: $36,166
    • Average First Year Base Salary: $95.742
  • 100% of students sought MFE internships (65/65)
  • 100% of students seeking internships held internships (65/65)
  • 100% of internships were paid (65/65)
  • Average Internship Salary: $7,562/mo
  • Median Internship Salary: $7,917/mo
2009 Full-Time Companies 2009 Internship Companies

Allstate Insurance Company
Barclays Global Investors
Clarivest Asset Management
Deutsche Bank
Diversified Credit Investments
DRW Trading
Duff & Phelps
Ernst & Young, LP
Exis Capital Management
Fuzzy Logix, LLC
Gifford Fong Associates
Golden State Asset Management, LLC
Goldman Sachs
IMC Trading
Kasikorn Bank PCL.
Mellon Capital Management
Millennium Partners
Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry, Japan's Government
Monetary Authority of Singapore
Nicholas Applegate
Pacific Gas and Electric
Self Employed
Shinsei Bank
Singapore Exchange Limited
Soliton Ventures Limited
Spot Trading LLC
Sun Trading LLC
Thomson Reuters
Woori Investment Securities

Atlas Capital Advisors
Barclays Global Investors
BNP Paribas (New York)
BNP Paribas (London)
Citigroup Global Markets
(Hong Kong)
Citigroup Global Markets (Singapore)
Deutsche Bank
Diversified Credit Investment
Duff and Phelps
Farallon Capital
Gifford Fong Associates
Goldman Sachs
Goldman Sachs International
Mellon Capital Management
Mercer Partners
Merrill Lynch
Moody's KMV
Nicholas-Applegate Capital Management
Orient Global
Pacific Alternative Asset Management
Putnam Investments
RiskMetrics Group
Shinsei Bank
Spansion Inc.
Spot Trading
Standard & Poor's
State Street
UBS Investment Bank
Whitebox Advisors

2009 Full-Time Positions
Assistant Director Assistant Trader, Trading
Associate Associate Financial Engineer, Financial Engineering
Associate Portfolio Manager, Fixed Income Associate, Capital Market Business
Associate, Fixed income, commodity, and currency Associate, Investment Risk Management
Associate, R&D Department Associate, Retail Structured Products
Associate, Risk Management Associate, Risk Management
Associate, Transaction Advisory Services Associate, Transaction Services
Director of Research and Advisory, Research and Advisory Director, FICC(Fixed Income, Credit and Commodities)
Entrepreneur Financial Data Associate, Research
Financial Engineer, Application Financial Engineer, CDO/RMBS
Financial Engineer, Valuation and Modeling Financial Modeling Analyst, MBS/ABS
FX Trader, Prop Trading Group Intern
Investment Analyst, Global Equity Junior Quant Developer, CIB
Junior Trading Analyst Partner, Financial Solutions
Portfolio analytics product developer, Portfolio analytics Predictive Modeler, Research and Planning Center
Product Developer, Latin America Research Analyst
Research Associate Research Associate, Fixed Income Strategy & Analysis Division
Senior Analyst, Fixed Income Senior Associate, Financial Engineering
Senior Associate, Financial Engineering Senior Product Development Engineer
Special Operations Trader
Trader, Trading