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Full-Time Employment & Internship Statistics Class of 2008

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Full-time Statistics Internship Statistics
  • Total Offers: 96
  • Total Students with Offers: 63
  • % of Students with Offers: 100% (63 of 64 looking for full time employment)
  • Total Students Placed: 61
  • % of Students Placed: 97% (63 of 64 looking for full time employment)
  • Average First Year Compensation: $153,073
  • Median First Year Compensation: $147,500
  • Average First Year Bonus**: $52,288
  • Median First Year Bonus**: $46,000
  • Average First Year Base Salary: $105,061
  • Median First Year Base Salary: $100,00
  • 98% of students sought MFE internships (64/65)
  • 100% of students seeking internships held internships (64/64)
  • 100% of internships were paid (64/64)
  • Average Internship Salary: $8,157/mo ($24,471 total)
  • Median Internship Salary: $8,083/mo ($24,249 total)
Updated July 15th, 2008  
Internship Companies Full-Time Companies

AXA Rosenberg
Babcock & Brown
Barclays Capital
Barclays Global Investors
BNP Paribas
BNP Paribas Securities (Japan) Limited
DRW Trading Group
Duff and Phelps, LLC
Fitch Ratings
Global Energy Decisions
Goldman Sachs
Intel Corp.
Lehman Brothers Lehman Brothers Japan
LRG Capital Group
MBIA Insurance Corporation
Mellon Capital Management
Merrill Lynch
Microsoft Corporation
Moody's KMV
Morgan Stanley
MSCI Barra
Pacific Investment Management Co. (PIMCO)
Prisma Capital Partners
Shinsei Bank
State Street Global Advisors
Wachovia Securities
WR Hambrecht & Co.

Alan Biller & Associates
Barclays Global Investors
BNP Paribas
Charles Schwab & Co.
Creighton Capital Management
Deutsche Bank
Duff & Phelps
Gifford Fong Associates Inc
Goldman Sachs
Goldman Sachs (Asia)
HanaIB (an affiliate of Hana Bank)
Lehman Brothers
Liberty Capital
Lonestar Funds
Macquarie Cook Power Inc
Merrill Lynch
Merrill Lynch (Asia)
Moody's Analytics
Morgan Stanley
Optiver US LLC
RBS Capital Markets
Renaissance Reinsurance
Shinsei Bank
Spot Trading L.L.C.
Standard & Poor's
Stark Investments
Swiss Re
Total oil trading SA (TOTSA)
UBS Securities Asia
United Overseas Bank

Full-Time Positions (Types)
Assistant VP Assistant VP - ventures
Associate Associate Financial Engineer, Financial Engineering
Associate, ACPM Associate, Active Credit Portfolio Management
Associate, BearEnergy Associate, Capital Market Division
Associate, Cash Management Associate, Corporate Valuation Consulting
Associate, Credit Derivatives Trading Associate, Equity Derivatives
Associate, Equity Derivatives Associate, Equity Derivatives Research
Associate, Equity Derivatives Strategy Associate, Fixed Income / Public Finance
Associate, Fixed Income Strategy & Analysis Associate, Fixed Income Trading, Fixed Income
Associate, Global Advance Active Equity Associate, IB Tech
Associate, Index Options Trading Associate, Index Trading
Associate, Japan Structured Finance Research Associate, North America Rates Derivatives Pricing
Associate, Quantitative Analytics – Center of Excellence Associate, Risk Management Division
Associate, Strategist, FICC (Fixed income, currencies and commodities) Associate, Structured Finance
Associate, Technology Associate, Volatility Strategies
Equity Exotics and Hybrids Desk Financial Analyst MO Drivatives
Financial Engineer, R& D Investment FIRST department-the income research and strategy group
Junior Trader, Exotic Equity Derivatives Market Maker, Trading
Origination Associate, Technology and Commodities Quantitative Analyst, Research
Research Analyst, Schwab Center for Financial Research Risk Manager, Risk Management
Senior Analyst Senior Analyst, Equity Derivatives Strategy, Equity Derivatives
Senior Research Associate Structurer, Equity Derivatives
Trader Trader, Bond & Swap

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