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Full-Time Employment & Internship Statistics Class of 2006

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Full-time Statistics Internship Statistics

98% of graduates sought employment after graduation. (58/59)

  • Base Salary
    • Average:$98,068
    • Median:$95,000
  • Signing / First Year Bonuses
    • Average: $98,068
    • Median:$54,750
  • First Year Compensation
    • Average:$152,313
    • Median:$152,500
  • 95% of students sought MFE internships (56/59)
  • 98% of students seeking internships held internships (55/56)
    • 100% of internships were paid. (55/55)
  • Average Internship Salary: $19,221
  • Median Internship Salary: $18,201
  Updated September 13, 2006
Internship Companies 2006 Full-Time Companies

ABP Investments
Allianz Hedge Fund Partners
Axa Rosenberg Investment Management Ltd.
Bank of Japan
BiNEXT Captial
BNP Paribas
Deutsche Bank
Dorchester Capital
Dow Jones
Eldorado Asset Management
Fireman's Fund Insurance Co
Fitch Ratings
Goldman, Sachs & Co.
GSC Partners
JP Morgan Chase
Lehman Brothers
Morgan Stanley
Putnam Investments
Risk Capital
Symphony Asset Management
United Capital Management
Wachovia Securities
Washington Mutual

* Some companies had more than one MFE intern.

AXA Rosenberg Investment Management Ltd.
Barclays Global Investors
BNP Paribas
Credit Derivatives Research (CDR)
Deutsche Bank Asset Management
Dow Jones
Fair Isaac Corporation
Fannie Mae
Federal Home Loan Bank of San Francisco
Fitch Ratings
Goldman Sachs & Co.
JP Morgan
JP Morgan Tokyo
LaSalle Bank Corporation
Lehman Brothers
Mellon Capital Management
Merrill Lynch
Moody's KMV
Morgan Stanley
SAC Capital Advisors
Self Employed
Wachovia Securities
Wells Fargo Bank
World Bank Group (IFC International Finance Corp.)
WR Hambrecht LLC

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Full-Time Positions (Types)
Actuary, Life insurance & Financial Services Analyst
Analyst, Credit Hybrid Structuring (Synthetic CDOs) Analytic, Prototyping Engineer
Analytic, Science Engineer Analytic Consulting Group Associate
Associate Director, Credit Products Associate Director, Credit Products
Associate, Advanced Research and Quantitative Strategies Associate, Asset Management
Associate, Capital Markets Associate, Credit Derivatives Strategy
Associate, FICC, America Special Situations Group, Strategies Associate, Finance - Strategies Group
Associate, Fixed Income Research Associate, Knowledge Management
Associate, Municipal Trading group in Long Term Interest Rate Trading Associate, Quantitative Credit Research
Associate, Quantitative Research Associate, Quantitative Research Global Client Services
Associate, Research Analyst, Asia Equity Research Associate, Rotational Program
Associate, Securitized Products Group -Fixed Income Associate, Strategy Innovation - Fixed Income Group
Associate, Structured Credit Products Associate, Structured Products Group
Associate, Whole Loan Trading Director, Quantitative Product Development
Entrepreneur Financial Engineer, Structured Finance in Emerging Markets
Quantitative Finance Developer Quantitative Risk Associate, Quantitative Risk Management
Senior Analyst, Credit Hybrids Desk: Trading & Sales Senior Analyst, Fixed Income Division
Senior Analyst, Global Product Strategy Group Senior Financial Analyst
Sr. Quantitative Analyst, Mortgage Analytics VP, Fixed Income Portfolio Mgmt: Structured Finance (CDOs)

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