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Full-Time Employment & Internship Statistics Class of 2004

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Full-time Statistics Internship Statistics
  • 92% of graduates sought employment after graduation. (55/60)
  • 91% of graduates who sought employment received a full-time offer within 3 months of graduation. (50/55)
  • 95% of graduates who sought employment received a full-time offer within 6 months of graduation. (52/55)
  • Base Salary
    • Average: $88,675
    • Median: $88,000
  • Signing Bonuses/Guaranteed Bonuses
    • Average: $26,506
    • Median: $17,740
  • Un-guaranteed Bonuses
    • Average: $34,810
    • Median: $25,000
  • First Year Compensation (Guaranteed)
    • Average: $103,691
    • Median: $103,740
  • First Year Compensation (Un-guaranteed)
    • Avergae: $120,426
    • Median: $110,125
  • 98% of students sought MFE internships (59/60)
  • 95% of students seeking internships held internships (56/59)
    • 93% of internships were paid. (52/56)
    • 7% of internships were unpaid. (4/56)
  • Average Internship Salary: $15,046
  • Median Internship Salary: $14,925
  Updated September 13, 2006
Internship Companies* 2005 Full-Time Companies

Agricore United
AIM Investments
Allianz Group Germany
Analytic Investors
Avera Global Partners, LLC
AXA Rosenberg
Barclays Global Investors
BayStar Capital Management
Center for Responsible Business, Haas School
Citigroup Global Markets
Citigroup Global Markets Asia Ltd
Credit Suisse Asset Management
Deephaven Capital Management
Electrabel S.A.
Fair, Isaac Corporation
Fitch Risk
Gifford Fong Associates
Goldman Sachs
Hedge Fund in Chicago**
Hedge Fund in San Francisco**
JMG Triton
Knight Equity Markets
Lehman Brothers
Marin Capital Partners
Mellon Capital Management
Merrill Lynch Hong Kong
Merrill Lynch Japan Securities Co.
Moody's KMV
Nicholas-Applegate Capital Management
Pacific Investment Management Co.
Thunder Bay Capital Management
Tricera Capital
Wachovia Securities
Washington Mutual
Wells Capital Management * Some companies had more than one MFE intern.
** Company(s) preferred not to be listed.

- Allianz Hedge Fund Partners
- Axa Rosenberg
- Barclays Global Investors
- BayStar Capital Management
- Bear Stearns
- Blackrock
- Camden Asset Management
- Citigroup Global Markets
- Commerzbank Capital Markets Corporation
- Countrywide Financial Corporation
- Credit Suisse First Boston (NY)
- Credit Suisse First Boston (Tokyo)
- Derivative Solutions Inc.
- Deutsche Bank
- Deutsche Bank Securities Japan
- Economists, Inc.
- Fair, Isaac & Company
- Franklin Templeton
- Gifford Fong Associates
- Goldman Sachs
- Hedge Fund - Chicago ** - Hedge Fund - Kuwait **
- Hedge Funds - San Francisco**
- IBM Business Consulting Services
- JP Morgan
- Knight Equity Markets
- Lehman Brothers
- Marin Capital Partners
- Mellon Capital Management
- Moody's KMV
- Morgan Stanley
- Pacific Alternative Asset Management Company (PAAMCO)
- The PMI Group
- Quantal Asset Management
- Recon Limited Liability Corporation
- Sanford C. Bernstein
- Charles Schwab Inc.
- UBS Warburg
- Washington Mutual Bank
- Wells Capital Management
- The World Bank

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Full-Time Positions (Types)
Analyst Analyst, Financial Modeling
Analyst, Hedging Strategies Analyst, Structured Credit
Analytic Science Engineer Asia Quantitative Equity Derivatives Strategist
Assistant Vice President Assistant Vice President, Risk Measuring and Management
Associate Associate Director, Portfolio & Risk Management
Associate Director, Risk Associate Research Analyst
Associate, Convertible Debt Origination Associate, Fixed Income Analytics
Associate, Fixed Income Commodities & Strategies Associate, Institutional Equity Sales
Associate, Quantitative Research Commodities Strategist
Consultant Derivatives Strategist
Investment Research Associate Junior Analyst
Portfolio Manager & Trader, Fixed Income Portfolio Manager, Research Associate
Quantitative Analyst Quantitative Analyst and Developer
Quantitative Associate Quantitative Associate and Developer, Statistical Arbitrage
Research Analyst Research Associate
Research Data Analyst Risk Consultant, Analytics
Risk Manager Senior Consultant, Financial Management Solutions
Senior Financial Engineer Senior Market Risk Analyst, Corporate Market Risk Management
Senior Quantitative Analyst Strategy Engineer, Portfolio Management
Structured Credit Trader Structurer & Trader, Equity Derivatives
Trader, Equity Trader, Equity Derivatives
Vice President, Financial Risk Management Services  

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