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Internship & Full Time Employment

How many students were able to get internships?

In the 2014-2015 class, 100% secured paid internships.

Are the internships guaranteed?

Each student is expected to be actively involved with the MFE staff in obtaining an internship that assists her/him to gain exposure to the real world application of their degree. Although it is not possible to guarantee each student an internship, every effort is made to help you secure an internship. All students must complete an internship or an on-site project approved by the MFE program in order to graduate.

What is the employment data for MFE graduates?

Job employment data can be found on the Placement Reports page.

What was the average salary for MFE graduates?

Salary data can be found on the Placement Reports page.

Which careers would a Master of Financial Engineering feed into?

Our graduates are offered positions as risk managers, investment bankers, derivative traders, designers of specialized securities, and financial engineers. Employers include investment banks, commercial banks, financial consultants, financial and database software suppliers, financial regulators, and exchanges.

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